Has Online Education Affected the Quality of Education in Dubai?

I was reading an article in Khaleej times this morning with my morning cup of tea when suddenly my eyes caught something really worth reading and interesting. The heading was about the online education in Dubai and other UAE countries.  After reading the article I came to know that there is a big impact that online education is creating in UAE, and that this is influencing the overall education pattern and system in UAE. The Education Ministry is very much disturbed with the unaccredited universities that have started to come on surface in past few years.

Education concerns have given birth to many questions that are now fueling further controversies in UAE. There are rumors that online education is corrupting the education system In UAE and with so many online universities operating in Dubai, chances that they are fraud are pretty much high. All this has raised doubts on the quality of education that being offered to Emiratis. This raises the question that is online education impacting the education quality in Dubai and other Arab countries?

There are serious steps taken by the organizations such as Unesco Education for All Movement , that is towards the betterment in the education system.  These organizations make sure that education is made free to all, all children have accessed to quality education, and much more. Steps are being taken to improve the educational stats that are available recently. Reports have shown that pre schooling enrollment has amounted to 79% in UAE, while in Primary school the percentage of girl’s enrollment is 86% and that of boys is 92% and the total enrollment for secondary education is 66% in males and 60% for females.

The article in Khaleej times made its headlines following the Pisa in 2012 where UAE students  performed below average and their results have raised concerns regarding the performance of students and the quality of education that been provided in UAE.  This was a big disappointment for the country’s representative and so has drawn attention by the concerned authorities.

We hope that Open University in Dubai is prevented from being abused in UAE and that it is used for the right purpose and not for distorting the image of education among Arab countries.  Working for a leading university in Dubai, I hope that more accredited and authentic universities come to Dubai. Education, is believe to be the best weapon a country can have and so it will be really necessary that Education Ministry in Dubai make sure that online universities in Dubai are not abused by the degree millers and that each individual receive the degree they deserve.

Author’s Bio:

Rachel is a student counselor in a virtual university in Dubai but at the same time she also has the passion for the education and so she writes on the universities in Dubai and the current education status in UAE. Her work and writings are mainly relate to the E education or virtual world as she believes that this is the future of education and that time is no far when education will be completely evolved.




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