UAE Ranking High in Global Happiness Average

A recent survey that included 65 countries and around 500,000 students was conducted to find out that which country’s students were happier than their counterparts in rest of the globe. The results that came out were a bit shocking as countries that came on the records were those that were not expected by our analyst.

UAE ranked quite well when students of UAE were asked about their happiness and their studies. What came as a surprise for many was the comparison of the result among different countries. One such interesting comparison was that between UAE and schools of US and UK. It was reported by the research team that the students in UAE were happier than their counterparts in UK and USA.

The happiness index that was conducted by the research team revealed that UAE has ranked second in Middle East region in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) evaluation.  This study is not new and has been conducting once every three years where each time a new sets of learning skills are focused by the research team.

The results showed that around 85% of the Dubai students said that they were happy to study here. Many reasons have been stated by the research team for such response such as one of the reason for such high levels of happiness among Emirati is teacher’s attitude, student’s satisfaction, new modes of education being inducted into the system, the confidence with which these students come and make use of new educational modes, and many more.

One major reason for student’s happiness is the impact of extracurricular activities being introduced in the UAE’s schools. The administration in the educational institutes make sure that students are provided with all the relevant activities and that students in UAE are provided with a complete package of lifestyle where they can learn and also enjoy their lives.

The crowned prince of Abu Dhabi have laid special emphases on the physical activities of the children as the admin believe that physical activities of the children are also an integral part of studies and thus it should not be ignored because of intense academic pressure. It is part of these efforts that online education is being made so cheap and widely available in UAE. Very often one now hears Open University in Dubai or online courses being offered by institutes.

Acquiring a higher degree is much easier in today’s age than before and especially the introduction of online education has made life very simple. Many now opt for Online MBA degree in Dubai as they now have the chance to complete their studies on their own terms.


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